June 21
8 p.m. NY

Festive online mystery
from Temple School
solstice 2022

The power of 3 mothers of destiny

Create a happy future: open the door to fulfillment of wishes

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    The strongest
    Solstice of 2022!

    A TURNING POINT FOR YOUR DESTINY, your lineage, and your country!
    This is the time when transformation is possible in three directions – in the past, the present, and the future.

    Along with the mother of the past, the Elderly Goddess,
    we’ll cleanse your lineage of misunderstandings, illnesses, and financial losses.

    With the Goddess of Formation we’ll form the cosmic cycle
    of harmonious connection of events for your destiny.

    With the Goddess of Future we’ll form happy events for your future.
    You’ll make a wish, bring luck and prosperity back to your Lineage.

    June 21 Solstice is one of the most
    powerful and mystical days
    of the 2022 year!
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      Why is the Temple School
      mystery held on the
      Summer solstice?

      SUMMER Solstice is an ancient holiday. It will take place on JUNE 21 this year.

      During this period, every destiny can be absolutely reborn, and this is the reason why
      wise women have always performed the most powerful rituals for their lineage at
      this time. This is the best time for rituals.

      Therefore, three days before the birth of the new sun, I’ll help you sum up the
      passing difficult year in a proper way and transfer the
      sacred ritual “Goddesses of Destiny” for the fulfilment of all YOUR 2022 wishes!

      Don't miss your chance to
      change your life THIS YEAR with
      the help of ancient Temple School knowledge!
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        "The ritual ‘Goddesses of Destiny’ is an extremely powerful ritual. Therefore, only 300 women can take part in this event. This ritual sets the program of life for the whole year. Its main goal is to renew, release and strengthen our external manifestations: health, finances, family, blessings, happiness, love. On June 21, at the festive online mystery, I will perform this ritual according to all Ancient Temple traditions! Come and feel the magic and enchantment of this ancient knowledge!"
        Become the Goddess of your lineage and form happy events of the future!
        On this day you can:

        You can connect to the webinar from anywhere in the world


        This is the live


        how to keep what is really important and valuable in your life and earn the support of your Lineage.


        the forces of the three worlds and transform your past, present, and future. Start living the true destiny that was meant for you at birth.

        Get powerful protection of spirits

        and open yourself to flows of love, health, and abundance. You’ll feel joy, tranquility, and inner peace.

        Feel a powerful connection

        with the Higher Powers and see your true predestination. Enter the flow of self-realization in 2022 in a confident way.

        Open yourself to wisdom

        and the highest self-expression. You’ll have a comprehensive look at the world and the full range of opportunities. Choose what is best for you and your family!

        Sacred ritual “Goddesses of Destiny”

        This sacred ritual will give you blessing and open up the power of three Mothers of Destiny! The entire calendar year is divided into two parts – a divine day and a divine night. The Divine Day starts on the day of the Summer Solstice – every destiny can be absolutely reborn at this time.Three Goddesses of Destiny will help you accept flows of cosmic energy and transform your life!

        Exclusive elaborate Festive online mystery for $1800
        Synthesis of practices combining different methods of transformation, different mindsets. Oriental meditation techniques that have come to us from the depths of centuries, soul healing, ecstatic dance, sound healing, Sans energy theaters, the Universe, and stars.
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          You will be able to perform all the practices at the webinar under the guidance of Madonna,
          an international coach known in 9 countries of the world and the founder of Temple School
          • Enlightened woman and priestess of the temple
          • Leader of charitable movements around the world
          • Founder of Temple School
          • Author of the bestselling course on the unlocking of creative potential
          • More than 150 retreats in the US and Mexico
          • Opinion leader for more than 170,000 people who follow her on Instagram
          • Author of a technique that has already helped 55,000 women to fulfill their long-cherished wishes
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